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Your input for the IFBLS 2020 programme

We want all of you, who join us in Copenhagen for IFBLS2020, to meet with your fellow biomedical laboratory scientist for days of professional development and inspiration and at the same time have a blast of a scientific party. We also want for all of you to bring home, memories. 

A very special keynote speaker

Which memory would you most of all like to bring home, with regards to a very special keynote speaker, with whom you would like a selfie to show to you friends and colleagues. 

Is it the one who spoke about artificial intelligence, the latest about Mars after the last 2 years discoveries, the ability to perform microscopy without fixation or staining, how wearables is transforming the biomedical laboratory practice or….. you name it.

We want your wish for a star and a look to the future

The project group of IFBLS2020 would like your input, even we cannot guarantee that your wish will be granted.

Currently the project group has a dream of 4-5 keynote speakers.

To make the keynote speakers truly international, we would like to hear your suggestions for keynote speakers.

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