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Preliminary programme


The preliminary program has landed. Five days and four tracks of scientific curiosity in Copenhagen is coming in shape. Several speakers are already in the program and many others are still pending.

Go to the preliminary program. Select day a the top bar and - and once you're registered your are able to make a personal program. 

November 1st you will be able to register and submit your own abstracts.


Three names of special interest

  • Eske Willerslev, Professor, GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen
    "Evolutionary geneticist. Eske is particularly known for sequencing the first ancient human genome and establishing the field of environmental DNA, where modern and ancient DNA from higher plants and animals are obtained directly from environmental samples."

  • Jan Madsen, Professor, Technical University of Denmark
    "Professor in computer based systems at DTU Compute at the Technical University of Denmark and Head of the section on Embedded Systems Engineering. And also Deputy Director of DTU Compute."

  • Fatima Al-Zahraa Al Atraktchi, Postdoc, company founder
    "Qualified nano-physicist and autodidact molecular biologist, with a special interest in biomedicine. Among other things, she has developed a revolutionary method for detecting bacterial infections and has also proven that, in the vast majority of cases, patients who are clinically described as being free from bacteria after treatment are actually still infected."


More about Featured speakers. 

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